by Allwin Bright

Christmas, they say is a festival of joy

This Christmas a 23 year old

Fights a battle of  life and death

After having endured a painful ordeal


They stripped her,

Ripped her apart

With iron rods she was assaulted

Assaulted brutally

She Suffered from gruesome pain

Those bastards, they laughed

They took pleasure in it

She was completely torn

Both physically and mentally


Being a girl, was that her sin?

Why didn’t god save her?

Why didn’t he strike upon them?

With vengeance and furious anger

Seek and ye shall find

I seek answers but I don’t find any


Raising your voice

Shouting from the rooftops

Protesting and demanding justice

Seem utterly futile

For they are all thwarted


We are rather reckless

Will this ever end?

How many more rape victims,

Will this nation still see?