If you’re into writing, Scorpio, this is the perfect day to sit down and churn out the words, even if it’s only a letter to a friend. Your imagination is especially vivid, your expression clear and understandable, and your vocabulary skills especially acute. If this is a thesis or article, you may spend hours on it. Don’t worry. It will be that much better for it.

So this was my horoscope for 4th February 2015.

I am not much into horoscopes or astrology. As a matter of fact I don’t believe it at all. But if it inspired you to write something why not.

Hi you beautiful people,
..Sorry for the lack of posts lately. 😦

A lot has happened in the last three or four months….

      1. I went through a six month long desperate, frustrating and depressing Am-I-ever-going-to-get-a-job-offer?’ phase.
      2. And when a job offer came my way I screwed up big time in the telephonic interview and still ended up getting the job offer.
      3. I put in my notice and served a two month notice period. The exit process was not as smooth as I expected it to be. But overall I was happy that I had a graceful exit.
      4. I had my heart-broken yet again. 😦
      5. I lost my Smart phone. 😦 I couldn’t claim theft insurance. It was valid only for a year and I hadn’t renewed my insurance. I paid the price for being absent minded and careless.
      6. I moved to Trivandrum to take up my new job.
      7. I was conned into giving away Rs.1000 for a single day stay in a dirty kitchen that got converted into my room.
      8. My friend and I shared a ride of 250 kms ON my Motorcycle to attend another friend’s wedding and a reunion. One hell of a ride it was.
      9. And I got completely hammered at his bachelor party.
      10. I am happy with my new job. I have a wonderful team. I have a super-friendly and a super-cool person as my project lead.
      11. I am finally learning to be on my own.
      12. I am slowly shedding my image of being a nervous wreck and a socially awkward person. 🙂
      13. I like it here at Trivandrum. From the shopkeepers to the auto drivers to the average person walking down the street, everyone is lovely and friendly.

For those who don’t know me I’ve never been the type of person who gets out of a comfort zone but I’ve put myself out of my comfort zone more in the last few months than I ever have. I’ve had my ups and downs, highs and lows.

I made a lot of mistakes. And I’ll continue making glorious, amazing mistakes. I’ll learn, push myself, change myself and change my world.

Now that I have pretty much settled down here. I hope to write often. Wish me luck.