by Allwin Bright


Previously I had published a post describing the ‘Glorious moments of my life‘. Ever since that post I’ve wanted to write about the most embarrassing moments of my life as well. My life consists of embarrassing moments every day. So to pick out the top 5 painfully awkward and embarrassing moments of my life was really really difficult. Anyways here they are.

5. This was in College. We were playing a basket ball game against the Mathematics department’s team. They were our arch rivals. It was a tough game. We weren’t scoring. And one of friends was hogging the ball and trying to shoot. I was open. I kept yelling at him to pass. He eventually passed me the ball. The pass came back at  me at warp-speed, bounced off the top of my head and knocked me down to the floor.

4. I was traveling in a bus. I was suffering from a bad cold. I let out a  sudden sneeze. ‘SHIT!’  Somebody shrieked from behind. The next thing I saw was that a thick and nasty nasal discharge was on a fellow passenger’s jeans.

3. In my previous company I had a big time crush on one of my co-workers. She was the most beautiful person I  had ever seen. I loved the way she smiled, talked and interacted with people. We’d often run into each other in very random yet synchronous situations like it was meant to happen. We’d often steal glances at each other and sometimes smile but never a word.

She once distributed sweets for Diwali and wished me a Happy Diwali. I half-smiled and thanked her. I didn’t wish her back. I kind of felt uncourteous that I didn’t wish her back. I badly wanted to make it up for not wishing her back.

A week later my birthday came. She smiled and wished me a ‘Happy Birthday’. I wished her back. I said “Wish you the same.” She laughed out loud. That was it. I never dared even to speak to her again.

2. I was walking back to home after work and there were other groups of people walking too (a lot of them were girls who worked in the same building) and I was really zoned out, and I walked headfirst into one of those glass doors. The darn thing was just too clean. It hurt on the nose and I teared up. I was disoriented for a second. But I just kept walking and laughed with everyone else.

1. This happened when I was in sixth grade. It was afternoon. We were having our math class.  I badly needed to go to the toilet but my teacher didn’t let me out of the classroom. She said that the lunch bell was anyways going to ring in 10 mins and I could go to the toilet then. But I couldn’t hold past the point of that “got to go” feeling  and I peed in classroom.

What has been the most embarrassing moment  of your life?