by Allwin Bright

Back in school we used to play our very  own version of scrabble drawing grid of squares with pencils in our rough notebooks. We had different rules.  We’d play the game under the desk during classes and whenever we had free periods. We were so obsessed that sometimes we’d even bunk the PT periods to play this game. We had a scrabble tournament of sorts and I had somehow managed to reach the finals of this coveted tournament.

I don’t exactly remember how grid of squares we had for the finals but the game lasted for three days. I was the under dog. My opponent (who was and who still is a good friend of mine) was the favorite to win the game. I thought he’d beat me hands down. He almost did. He was way ahead of me at the end of the second day. He had a lead of 20 odd points. But as the game progressed to the third day I scored some crucial points thus narrowing the difference between our scores. My adrenaline was pumping in. At this point I sensed that may be I could win this game. I was slowly inching closer and closer. During the final moments of the game I almost had the support of the entire class. People tend to root for the underdog. Don’t they? I eventually snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat. I WON! It was one of the biggest and one of the best celebrations I’ve ever had in my life.

I was one of my maths teacher’s favorite student in class X. It was not because I scored good marks in the subject. Though I liked the subject very much I sucked at math. I’ve hardly scored above 60 in any of my maths examinations. It was because he thought I had a good handwriting. So we had this II Pre-Board examination and I’d solved one of the problems in the examination which no other student had solved it correctly except for a girl. Guys in class had a major crush on her. I am not going to tell you anything more about this girl. Come on! This is about glorious moments of MY LIFE! Okay? Getting back. Not even the book worms and the nerds who  solved math problems all the time had solved that problem. It was a simple problem. But because I was one of my math teacher’s favorite students he made a big deal out of it. I’d been an average student all my life. Its not every day that an average student like me got to be popular.  I totally enjoyed the attention I was getting. I felt like a star who shot to fame overnight.

However all this was short-lived because I flunked in the III Pre-Board examination.  So much for solving one math problem correctly in the examination. By the way I’d scored 53/100 in the II Pre-Board.

I scored a century as a kid once in a plastic ball cricket match. It was very very special. I am sure if I live till I have grand children I’ll tell them this story.

I bowled the last over of a cricket  match in college and defended 7 runs. I also picked up two wickets in the match. I had one of the batsman out bowled.  I had his leg stump uprooted. Terrific sight for any fast bowler.

Our college once bagged the overall winners trophy at Techmeet, an Inter College competition hosted by Fatima college, Madurai. I’d played a big part in it. The fact that it was hosted by a college for women made it even more special.

Well this is as far as I could remember…

What are your glorious of moments of life? You remember any?