by Allwin Bright

A good friend of mine messaged me on Skype this evening. He told me that Major Mukund Varadarajan incident had left him disturbed. Ignorant me had no idea of what and about whom he was talking about. Lately I haven’t been following the news very much. There is no TV at my home. However that didn’t stop me following the IPL or watching the IIFA awards in YouTube. I have a Laptop you see.

A little later I realized that it was Army Major Mukund Varadarajan he was talking about. He’d died fighting for the country. I felt so ashamed of myself. I didn’t know about a Martyr who had sacrificed his life protecting us. Whereas I knew who had taken greatest catch of the IPL this season. I knew that Deepika Padukone won the best actress award for her performance in Chennai Express. And its people like me who form the so-called well-informed and well-educated citizens of this country. 😦

One could point out fingers on mainstream media. It never reports such sacrifices in detail. We only get to see what they report. It’s sad that more often than not its Cricket and Bollywood that hogs the limelight. But come to think of it. Isn’t it as much our fault? Isn’t it as much as our responsibility as that of the mainstream media?

Why do we tend to take an army person or a police losing his life protecting people so lightly? Why is it just another news for us?

There’s a quote from the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ where Captain H Miller says his dying words, to Private Ryan

James…. Earn this. Earn it.

These words have been kind of reverberating in my head. That’s how I am we should be feeling at the moment. Like Private James Francis Ryan. Major Mukund Varadarajan and many others like him have traded their lives for each and every Private Ryan in us. So we better be worth it. He has left behind a bereaved family and a three-year old daughter. His wife Indu has written a heart wrenching poem. My eyes welled up with tears reading this. My heart goes out to his family. God be with them.

There lived a man who loved me with all his heart…

There lived a man who fathered my child….

There lived a man who believed in integrity….

There lived a man who loved his profession….

There lived a man who never feigned to be a hero….

There lived a man who was my soul….

There lived a man with a heart full of generosity…

There lived a man who revealed all to me….

There lived a man who loved me with his life…..

But …..now I wait…..

for he is with god..

I know this for sure..

One day I will meet him…

I know this for sure…

And he will give me that warm strong hug of his

I know this for sure…

And I will not complain that I can’t breathe

I know this for sure

You can hug me..hug me all you want….

Would it be just enough to have a Facebook page for a man like him with say a 1000 odd likes and comments such as – ‘We salute you’, ‘RIP major’, ‘Brave Martyr’ etc. when it really doesn’t come from the bottom of our hearts.

This man deserves a much bigger tribute than that. Don’t you think so?