by Allwin Bright

Me: Hello Vasu.

My Boss (Vasu): Come on in, Allwin. Have a seat.

M: Vasu, I’ve mailed you the reports for this week.

MB: Okay, let’s have a quick review then.

Post- review

MB: The reports are okay, Allwin. Is there anything else?

M: Yes, I am planning to take a leave for 10 days in December. One of my school friends is getting married.  He was and still is one of my closest friends. I can’t miss his wedding. So if you could please grant me leave for 10 days starting from 1st Dec to 10th Dec

MB: TENNN days! Don’t you think it’s too many days of leave for me to approve. And that too for attending a School friend’s wedding.

M:  Vasu, the wedding is in Guwahati. And I’ll be travelling in a train. Travel alone would eat up 4 days. Also, along with the wedding we are having a Class reunion of sorts.

Class Reunion, Bachelor Party, Wedding…. You know how things can get there.

MB: I can’t believe that you are travelling all the way from Coimbatore to Guwahati just to attend a School friend’s wedding and a reunion.

M: All my friends will be turning up to the wedding, Vasu. They too are travelling from different places. Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. And you won’t believe it. One of them has booked his flight tickets from Denver. So it’s really really important for me to attend this wedding and reunion. I just can’t miss it.

MB: You must be a crazy bunch of friends.

M: Yes, that we are.

MB: By the way Guwhati is in Assam right.

M: Yup!

MB: How far is Guwahati from here?

M: I am not very sure.

He immediately looks at Google maps to find it out.

MB: 3102 kms it is. (Throw in a surprised smiley here). Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Sikkim and then comes Assam. You’ll be travelling across 5 different states. It should be one heck of a journey in train.

M:  Yes it is.

MB: Are any of your friends accompanying you?

M: Yes, they are. A couple of them. But, not from here. They’ll join me in Hyderabad.

MB: So you’ll be first boarding a train to Hyderabad from here. And from there it’s a train to Guwahati.  Am I right ?

M: Yes, you are

MB: Sounds like a great plan. Travelling with old pals should be fun.

By the way, what’s the groom’s name?

M: It’s Subhabrata Dasgupta.

MB: I didn’t get you. Can you come again please?

M: It’s S-U-B-H-A-B-R-A-T-A D-A-S-G-U-P-T-A. (I spell it out) He is a Bengali, Vasu.

We call him Subh in short.

MB: Fine. When is the wedding?

M: It’s on 7th of December, Vasu.

MB: I guess you’ll be boarding the train back to Coimbatore the very next day.

M: That’s right.

MB: I’ll tell you what, I’ll approve your leave. Have a safe and happy journey. And wish your Bengali friend a happy married life.

M: Thanks a lot Vasu.


P.S. – For the sake of reader’s information. It’s true that I’ll be travelling to Guwahati in December. But, I won’t be attending a School friend’s wedding or  a class reunion. Subh actually is my blogger friend. (It is also true that he is one of my closest friends). And I am visiting his place. The rest of it is all lies! Cooked up.

P.P.S – And he is not getting married in December. At least, not so soon. 😛

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