by Allwin Bright

I am a victim of Phalacrophobia and I am overly paranoid about it. I spend hours and hours looking at the mirror wondering what are  the chances of growth of new hair. I know that’s kind of ludicrous to expecting growth of new hair when you are actually losing it thick and fast. But then I’ve learnt from movies that hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies. So as long as I am alive I’ll be hoping that some day there’ll be growth of new hair all over my head.

I was being an insomniac that night and random thoughts were keeping me company. In the blink of an eye Insomnia slipped from random thoughts to obsession. The obsession was with my hair loss. I was staring at my hairline patterns in the mirror from different angles as if I was going to solve an insanely complicated maze.

“This hair-loss problem is freaking me out. I got to do something about it.”I said to myself.

“Why not try sporting a buzz cut? Might look cool on you. ” The me in the mirror answered

“Really? Will it ?” I asked

“Yes, Its definitely worth a try!”

I was eyeing the clipper. I had bought it quite sometime back. I hardly used it. It still looked brand new. May be I had saved it for this day.

A part of me asked, “What are you? A weirdo. Its 2 a.m. in the morning. Do you want to get your hair done now? ”. The other part did not listen.  “Time to get a seriously ‘Kick ass COOL Buzz cut’ done.” It said

I pushed the button. The clipper was on. TTTTRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR……

Oh my God! What the hell did I just do? I’ve shaved my head instead of just trimming it. And that too I’ve shaved a strand of hair just above my forehead.

I was kicking myself so hard for attempting to sport a buzz cut knowing very little about handling an electric clipper properly.

What’s done is done. There was only one option left now. To shave my head completely.

After cursing myself enough for what I had done I mustered all my courage to shave my head. The clipper was on for the second time. TRRRRR…. I’ve had enough. No more nasty surprises this time.   But, it was not to be.

In the middle of the shaving process the clipper was sssslooooooowing down. The battery was dying halfway.

To be continued…