by Allwin Bright

A 13 year old’s letter to a 26 year old present self

Dear Allwin,

It’s me… 13 year old Allwin if you are wondering. So how’s life. I bet you are doing great. I sit in the classes and watch you from the classroom window. It’s really a cool motor bike you have. Every day you come to the office in it. You smile at the watchman and wish him a very good afternoon. You look so happy. It makes me envy you.

Your life is so good. Ain’t it? You have a job. You don’t have to get up early. You don’t have run after the school bus. You don’t have to prepare for the examinations. Preparing for these exams sucks the life out of me.

Well, my life is not as good as yours. I moved to a new school in the middle of the school year. I miss my old friends. Life was so much better in my old school. I don’t like this school. I was punished the very first day here for no fault of mine. I haven’t made any new friends here. They don’t like me. I get bullied. They try all the WWE moves with me. Chokeslam, Pedigree, Stunner etc. I hate WWE for that. I am the thinnest boy in the class. I get thrown around like rag doll. I often feel like crying but, Mom says I am a brave boy. And brave boys don’t cry. I try and hold my tears back.

They don’t let me play soccer during the games period. They say I am prone to commit a lot of fouls. During the games period I sit in a stone bench all alone and watch others play. I often talk to the trees around. They think I am a retard. Trees have life and they do listen to us. Don’t they?

Except for our English teacher, Deepa Ma’m I don’t like any of the teachers here. Deepa Ma’m is sweet. She doesn’t punish. English and Math are my favorite Subjects. My math teacher doesn’t like me though. He doesn’t like me because I get poor grades in my math tests.

There is only thing on my mind right now. I want to grow up soon and live a happy life just like you. And when I grow up I don’t want to have even a trace of memory of how wretched this life was.

Do write to me often enough. It makes me feel good,

13 year old Allwin


Dear Allwin,

Your letter brought a smile to my face. Yes, I am happy. I am really happy. Don’t worry you’ll grow up soon. And you’ll be much happier than I’ve ever been.

And you are not a retard. No one dares to call you that. Trees have life and they do listen to you.

26 year old Allwin

Poor 13 year old Allwin he has the illusion that he’ll be happy when he grows up. He thinks I am happy. How do I tell him that life only gets tougher when you grow up? How do I tell him that he has to face a cruel and nasty world ahead?