by Allwin Bright

Do you suffer from writer’s block even while you reply back to comments on your posts. Well, I suffer from this weird syndrome.

Say I receive a comment from a blogger I get so excited that I jump to the orange notification icon as soon I see it.  And if its a compliment from someone I really admire. I do a happy dance. But, I don’t reply back immediately. I say to myself –  ‘Let me just bask in glory for sometime before I reply back.’ It takes time for the little spark of happiness and excitement to sink in. I know its kind of childish but, I like it. However, the thing with me and my writing  is that I’ll  have to write down my thoughts at the spur of the moment or else its lost forever. In my case this is true even for writing a three or four line comment. I for one do not like just replying to a comment just saying a ‘Thank you’. Not when a reader has really read your post and has taken the time to say something nice about you and your post. (I haven’t received a harsh or a critical comment on my blog till date. My readers have always been nice to me. I have no idea of how I’d react if I received one). I take my time to think… think… and think… I then draft a comment, I read at least 10 times before posting it. If you’ve noticed I sometimes edit the comment even after posting it.

So let me tell you something. If you’ve posted a comment on my blog it doesn’t take more than 12 hrs for me to notice it. Given that there’s internet connection available 24X7 both at home and at office.  But, if I haven’t replied back yet its because I am still fighting the writer’s block to reply back.  😦

Please bare with me.

How easy or tough it is for you to post a reply comment?