by Allwin Bright

One more day and my family will be moving back to hometown. I’ll be completely on my own.

I won’t be complaining that mom wakes me up a little too early in the morning. She won’t be here to remind me of my mobile phone, wallet, ID card, handkerchief etc. I won’t be bidding good bye to her while leaving to office.  She won’t be standing at the gate watching me until I get out of sight. Not anymore.

My sister won’t be here to pester me, to annoy me or to irritate me. There will be no one to fight with for the T.V remote. There will be no one to neatly press clothes for me every week. I’ll be rummaging around to find my belt, socks, shoe laces, keys etc. and still won’t find them anywhere. There will be nobody at home to be mad at. Not anymore.

Home just won’t be the same without them.

And I haven’t found a room mate yet and its more likely that I’ll be living all ALONE.

To wake up early, to cook food, to wash clothes (the household chore I hate the most), to wash utensils and to do all the other household chores on my own seem to be too overwhelming for a lazy bum like me.

A large and a rational part of me says –  “Come on Allwin, you are not a kid and for heaven’s sake stop acting like a child. People aren’t always going to be there for you, you’ll need to learn to handle things on your own and this is the best time for it.” However, a smaller, weaker and an emotional  part of me fears if I’ll be able to pull through.