by Allwin Bright

He knew that his interview went well. Yet, he waited eagerly for the phone call. He wanted to stay calm and composed but, he couldn’t. He was getting restless. The wait was killing him. After waiting  for what seemed like an eternity he received the phone call. The most important phone call of his life. The phone call that would begin a life-changing professional endeavor for him. He is offered the position of a journalist.

He is lost for words. He fights back tears of joy.

This part of his life… this part right here. This was called “happiness”.

This was the story of one of my best friends, Subh.  Its official.  Yes, he has become a journalist.

I was psyched the moment I saw the title of his post announcing this good news – “Not a mirage“. I didn’t have to read. I knew what his post was all about.

  • It was about a dream that had come true.
  • It was about living your passion and following your heart.
  • And it was about perseverance through failures and setbacks.

I’ve known Subh for almost an year now. He is amazing. He is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Its feels incredible that I’ve been part of his life’s journey in small ways. I am so glad I found such a wonderful friend through WordPress. I never knew that you could friends for life with people whom you’ve never ever met personally

I have made some gloriously wrong decisions in life. I have made some big, big blunders in life. Which make me stand here today, as just another mediocre guy, trying to push his way ahead, but failing, miserably.

Wonder what? It was this quote from one of his posts that connected us together.  Later we went on to discover that we had a lot in common. We had very similar personalities, similar interests, and we agreed on almost everything. However, there was one thing stood out. He was a brilliant writer and well, I was just me. He could write posts out of thin air.  I saw him as an inspiration. I had found a friend I longed for.

We often shared good moments and not so good moments of our lives with each other. Our conversation has sometimes lasted the whole night long.

I have always had this belief that everyone in this world has a story to tell. His story goes like this.

Subh was a passionate individual, a brilliant student and a gifted musician. After passing out X with flying colors like any other typical Indian student he went after engineering. He wanted to get into IIT. But, was that his passion? Did he want to become an engineer because he loved machines and computers? The answer was ‘NO’.

Sometimes it takes a little too long to discover what your heart really wants. Subh was not an exception. He had his share of misfortunes.  He could write well but, he was too confused to pursue writing as a career. He took decisions which went wrong. He followed the herd. He faced failures one after the other.

“I made a half-hearted attempt at reviving my dream by trying to form a music band. I failed. I loved a girl. I failed.”

“Engineering was not for me. But I wanted to get a degree and then a job to support my family. I prepared for engineering blindly. The board exams, The entrance exams – All of them sucked. My engineering dream was over.”

“I took math (god knows why).”

“I hadn’t learnt from my mistakes and I as usual opted for a career that promised easy money instead of going for what I love. I chose MBA. If not IITs then IIMs.”

“The music dream revived and once again i tried for a band with friends. This time we were more successful. I also picked up guitar from the guitarist of our band. It was called anonymous . I was the lead singer. But like all college dreams it failed. We broke up over musical disagreement.”

“Maths seemed like very hard to excel at. I mentally gave up. I studied just to pass. I thought that MBA would rescue me. I was wrong. I gave CAT for the first time last year . I got 52 percentile. I was devastated. Soon it was time for final year exam of maths. And I failed to clear all papers.”

“My third girl friend (and the one I was closest to) broke up with me. A relation of 2 long years ended. I had nothing. Neither grades nor money nor love. I was broke.”

Life had taught him harsh lessons over the years. Failures somehow made him a much stronger individual. He made a comeback. He got back into writing. He turned to blogging seriously this time. Unlike others he did not have a Personalized Computer and a broadband connection. All he had was a mobile phone, a Nokia C1 01. He set up a blog entirely on his mobile phone. He started writing from his heart. He enjoyed writing. He had found his passion. It was writing.

“Writing is something which I’ve discovered, polished, worked very hard on, and had little success so far. So its writing that I am more passionate about.”

He had a dream. A dream of becoming a writer and he was very serious about pursuing this dream. He worked hard for it. He challenged himself.  He started reading and writing like never before. Writing became a serious business for him now. For the first in life he felt that he was taking the right path.

“God is kind. He has given me so many chances. I’ve squandered them all. This is my last chance. This is no longer leisure time hobby for me. It’s become an obsession. A passion.”

After more than a year of writing his hard work really pays off. He is called for an interview for the position of journalist for new and upcoming news cum social media website. He does well in all the rounds of interview. The interviewers are very impressed with his blog and his writing abilities. The rest of the story, you already know.

Six long years it took for him to find what his heart really wanted. He faltered, faced failures, faced rejections and what not. He had to fight a battle to live his dream. All that didn’t matter because ultimately he fought and achieved what he wanted in life.

I am having another dream now. A dream of seeing him as one of the leading journalists in India.

Coming soon….. 🙂

P.S. – All the quotes in this post have been taken from the numerous conversations we’ve had on Facebook. I wanted to use his own words to tell the story.  🙂