by Allwin Bright

I had a BIG meal for lunch. I was getting too sleepy now. I yawned at least 10 times in 3 minutes. My head was often falling forward. I feared that I might hit my head on the keyboard. I did that in my previous job. I fell asleep and BANG! I hit my head  on the keyboard. All of a sudden it grabbed the attention of all the employees around. It only took a moment for them to realize what had happened. They all burst out laughing. I had to save myself from the embarrassment with a sheepish smile.


This time I was trying  everything to keep myself awake – washing my face,  drinking water, taking a small walk, googling on How not to sleep in office… The harder I tried not to sleep the worse it got.  Enough is enough I decided – to hell with the manager, to hell with the team lead, to hell with this stupid task… I pushed the keyboard aside. I rested my head on the desk. I dozed off.

It was just a few minutes that I had dozed off to sleep. I received a phone call. “It better not be a call from airtel customer care.” I said to myself

It was a call from my my employer. Lets call my employer ONG BAK. (The movie has nothing to do with the employer I work for. Its just that their names rhyme)

I attended the call.

“Hello, is this Allwin?”

“Yes” I said

“We are calling from ONG BAK.”

I could recognize the voice now. It was that of the new HR executive. She joined our company just last week.

“Yes, tell me.”

“We have a requirement for Test Engineer Position. Would you like to attend a walk-in-interview for the same? ”

“But…” Before I could reply back the call got disconnected.

After a couple of minutes I received the phone call again.

“Hello Allwin, we are calling from ONG BAK.”

“Yes, please tell me. ”

“As I told you earlier we have a requirement for Test Engineer Position. Would you be interested in attending a walk-in-interview for the same?”

“But, I am already working…” Before I could complete my sentence she interrupted.

“I understand. I shouldn’t be disturbing you during the office hours. Please tell us when you’ll be available. We’ll call you back.” She said

“Thank you for understanding but, the thing is I am already working in ONG BAK as a QA – Executive. If you are still interested in recruiting me, I am available. My cubicle is the first one opposite to the Symphony Hall.”

“Oh I am extremely sorry” She said

“Its okay. No problem.”

“By the way you are not supposed to use mobile phones during office hours, right?” She asked

I was a bit irritated at this.

“You are also not supposed to call me during my sleeping hours.” I mumbled

“What?” She asked

“I said, I am sorry”

“Its okay. Sorry again for disturbing you. You must be busy. Get going.” Saying this she disconnected

To hell with the company’s policy, To hell with the HR, To hell with recruitment of a Test Engineer… I pushed the keyboard aside. I continued from where I had left off.