by Allwin Bright

I won’t read the local newspapers. It depresses me. It is filled with ugly news of rape, murder, incest etc.  but, when media makes news out of a brutal and gruesome incident of a gang rape incident I’ll be outraged. I’ll raise my voice and shout to the roof tops against injustice to women as long as the media sensationalizes it. I’ll forget it after that .

I’ll crib about power cuts and blame the State Government. I’ll like, post, comment and share all those rubbish power cut jokes on my Facebook timeline but,  I won’t even try to understand :

  • Why are we going through such a crisis?
  • Why hundreds of local fishermen from Tirunelveli stage protests  against the Kudankulam Nuclear Power plant day in and day out ?

The evil of corruption runs deep through our society. What have I done to eradicate corruption?

Well… when Anna Hazare’s hunger strike against corruption was making news I supported his protests by giving a missed call, I shared a few posts against corruption in Facebook.  Also, I forwarded text messages to few of my friends asking them to support this anti-corruption campaign. I’ll continue to support protests against evils and injustice in future too.

I’ll complain about corrupt leaders and dirty Indian politics. However, I won’t cast my votes during the elections.  In an effort to clean up why should my hands get dirty? Moreover, my single vote is not going to make much of a difference. Will it? Instead I’ll encourage and allow unregistered, illegal voters to cast my vote.

I’ll blame the corrupt bureaucrats but, when I apply for a driving license or a passport I’ll be ready to offer them bribe to get my work done faster.

I’ll study, get a degree,  follow the herd and get into an MNC. It’ll offer me fat paychecks. Like all others I’ll be running a rat race.

I’ll  project myself as someone who cares for the society and as someone who has some social awareness. I’ll continue to pretend as long as you continue believing in me. I am ‘the youth’ of this nation.