by Allwin Bright

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In my previous post, I mentioned that watching the last few episodes of a talk show had an impact on me. This episode of Neeya Nanna was aired three weeks ago. The debate was on accepting ‘Love’ marriages. There was a father who said that, instead of allowing the marriage, he would behead his daughter and throw her in the river if she ever fell in love with a guy (Read: with a guy from another caste).

One could make out by the look on his face that he meant it.  Also, he was 100% sure that his daughter would never fall in love and bring his family shame. If what he told was true, there could be only two possibilities: either he is very ignorant or his daughter is a saint.

What would he do if his son did the same thing? He would probably disown him from the family; no one would ever attend their…

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