by Allwin Bright

Today was just of one those days where I had nothing to do. I had to find a good way to pass the time.  I logged into word press and tried to come up with the draft for a new post. Two lines was all I could write. Creative juices dried up too soon. I tried reading blogs. I couldn’t read for more than an hour.  I have a terrible attention span. Seriously, its very bad. I tried a few themes for my blog but, at last reverted back the old one. Ever wondered whats the height of boredom? Well, mine was sending blank mails to myself, deleting them from my inbox and emptying  trash every single time. Unfortunately I couldn’t do this for a long time either.

I was bored to death. I was going through my blog archives. All of a sudden I realized that I had completed a year in blogging. Whats the big deal? Yeah its no a big deal but this calls for writing a post and publishing it (at least to kill boredom). Chances are high I’ll be able to write more than two lines this time. So far so good.

Technically my Blogoversary was on 26th January 2013. Wwwait…. Lemme think. No…  not on 26th Jan. It was on 15th Jan. I first published a post on 15th Jan and then for some damn reason I moved it to trash. I published it again on some other day. So when was blog’s birthday. I am getting confused. Forget it, the blog is as complicated as its author. And after all, whats there in a date.

Anyways, its certain that I have survived a year of blogging. It doesn’t feel like it though.

1. Time flies by fast, it always does

2. I haven’t posted often enough.

Nevertheless one year of blogging has been an exciting journey. I’ve found new friends. They’ve all been wonderfully supportive and lovely. One among them has been very very special – Subhabrata Dasgupta. Had it not been for him it would have been curtains to my blog a long long time ago. My blog was no more than a deserted place when it began. He was one of the first five followers of my blog. He inspired me to write from the heart. Reading his posts made me to think better and write better. He has been the editor of my fiction series – NOTHING LIKE A HANDWRITTEN LETTER. I am forever grateful to him. Not only he is a good writer, he is a wonderful human being. Let me not reveal  about him any more. Get to know him through his blogs. You won’t be disappointed. Subh if you are reading this – Jahanpanah tussi great ho..Taufa Kabul Karo! 🙂

A note to my readers.

Dear Readers,

This blog is very close to my heart. If you would have asked me a year ago when was the last time I read something other than my text books, the newspapers or the books which were a part of my academics or office work. My answer would have been “NEVER”. But then this blog this helped me to develop an interest in reading. It gave me the opportunity to read some pretty awesome blogs out there. I’ve enjoyed reading poetry of  some very young poets.  I become completely spell bound while I read them. Not to forget the adults and the older poets, their poems have never ceased to amaze me. Calling their poems awe-inspiring would be an understatement!  There have been times I’ve found myself glued to my seat while reading a gripping narrative. I’ve shed a tear or two after reading a breathtakingly poignant post. I’ve stumbled upon some incredibly humorous blogs that have literally had me laughing my lungs out. Its amazing that reading blogs often feels like I am reading my own thoughts and experiences through someone else. To get to read your blogs is an honor by itself.

I feel so elated when you people come across my blog, read my stuff and hit the like button or leave a comment. I also have to mention the silent readers of my blog. (if there are any). A BIG “Thanks!” to all of you.

Keep visiting. It will do a world of good to me and as always I would love to hear what you have to say.

I still have a long looong way to go in becoming an awesome blogger like you. Till then I’ll continue reading your blogs to get inspired and post something once in a blue moon like I’ve been doing all these days. I am still learning. Please point out my mistakes if there are any. Correct me if I use a wrong phrase or an expression. Doesn’t matter even if it sounds silly. I wouldn’t mind that at all.  All I want is to improve.

Looking forward to another year of blogging 🙂

What started as a rant has turned into something else. I already told you the author of this blog is a complicated person. He himself does not know whats going on in his head 😛