by Allwin Bright


Not all of us are perfectionists but we’ve all been there. At least once in life we’ve sought perfection. Think of it – a best friend’s birthday or a wedding where you’ve wanted him/her to experience the best day of his/her life, while studying and taking your exams, First day of your college or your job where you’ve wanted to the give the best first impression, giving an important presentation…

Women are more perfectionists than men. They take hours to get dressed up for events and for most men, accompanying women on a shopping spree is a terrible experience. It takes an awful long time for them to choose what to buy and what not to. Thankfully I haven’t had any of those experiences. That’s one good thing about being single but, other than that being single isn’t awesome at all. It sucks!

Sorry, I am deviating way too much from what I intended to write. This post is not about why it sucks to be single? Its definitely not about women and shopping. Its about my experiences with seeking perfection over the last year or so.

The story goes as follows:   Last year I had resolved to be Mr. Perfect i.e.,  I’ll wake up early, I’ll be punctual, I’ll be organized, I’ll be responsible  etc., etc., etc.,… I kept up my resolve for  the new year resolutions only for a week or two. The story repeated thereafter. But then there was this one resolution that I did not break. I maintained an online journal everyday without fail. Previously I maintained a handwritten one which was all clumsy. I didn’t write. I scribbled things into the journal. One would find a line, a para, sometimes even an entire page scribbled and struck out in every single page.

I found the inspiration to write journals from movies wherein a journal is shown as a very special document. It has a beautiful calligraphic handwriting of the protagonist. Often purely romantic poems finds its way into the journals.

My journal on the other hand had the same old usual and monotonous stuff. Most of the time it was about how I was pissed off at work. Rarely did it end on a happy note. I didn’t want it to look shabby. I switched to an electronic one.

Maintaining an online journal was different. I was free to choose the font and the template of my choice. The delete and the backspace keys were always there. I could easily hit the delete to button to remove all those horrible stuffs which I myself did not want to read again. Everything about the online journal was perfect. I couldn’t have wished for anything better. My journal was neat. It now had a striking resemblance with that of the movies.

Having said all that handwritten journals had something which an electronic journal did not have or can never have. Handwritten ones are richly humane.  It reveals your frame of mind. A page scribbled and struck out may look shabby. It still conveys a message. It tells me how lost and confused I was at that point in time. I missed it completely with electronic journals.

So I’ve now switched back to handwritten journals this year. This was my new year resolution.

A lesson learnt, sometimes you have to learn embrace imperfections. It too has a charm of its own.

P.S. :  I should have posted this a lot earlier but again I was seeking perfection with this post. I sometimes forget to practice what I preach. 😀 Readers if you find imperfections with this write-up. Please do tell me. I am still learning to embrace imperfections 😉

P.P.S.:  A page scribbled and struck out may look shabby. It still conveys a message.  

We’ve all have been through this. We’ve all sought perfection in something or the other at least once. Perfectionism  affects us in our everyday life. 

Specially women – They take hours together to get dressed up for a party or a wedding, to choose a saree for the wedding or for a festive occasion etc.  

Every morning I spend at least 20 mins in front of the mirror to set my hair. Mom often scolds me, I sometimes miss the bus and get late to the office…  But I still do it everyday. I know that its pointless because even a 5 mph wind would ruin it completely.

Different for different people. Accompanying women on shopping

Mom and Sister had to attend a wedding of a distant relative in Chennai. I had to stay alone at home for three days. It was a total mess when they returned back. Both were mad at me. They rebuked me  for being lazy, irresponsible and so unorganized.  I could stand in their shoes and understand. It had an impact and I seriously wanted to change myself. Thus was born a new year resolution: 

Most of us would accept that

And where was my journal with all that monotonous stuff of work at office 

The habit of writing journals was inspired from movies.

To be honest

Do tell me if it made some sense to you 🙂 🙂 🙂