by Allwin Bright

College reunion after 5 long years. Graduation ceremony was the last time all of us were together. Much water had flown under the bridge since then. Destiny had scattered us in varied directions. In spite of that we had kept in touch – blog, email, Facebook. Of course it was electronic but still a touch. Inside I was just dying to meet those old pals of mine, as the countdown to the reunion started. Much had changed in all these years or rather we had changed. Major makeovers – unlikely love stories – marriages – a weight gain here – a weight loss there but the hearts were just as eager. Even the ones who worked overseas had turned up. It was joy and smiles all around.

Amidst the joy and happiness a tinge of sadness welling up inside me. It was for Karthik. Everyone had made it to the reunion except Karthik. He was one of my best friends in college. After college he had gone completely off the grid. No emails, No Phone calls… No contacts whatsoever. None of  my college friends had been in touch with him. It seemed almost impossible get a hold of  him. After months of searching and a series of phone calls, I had somehow found out his address.

I decided to write a letter to him. I started writing in a pristine white piece of paper.

Dear Karthik,

There is nothing like receiving a handwritten letter. May be that’s the reason you’ve stayed away from my phone calls and e-mails, May be that’s the reason you made me wait so long. So here it is. A handwritten letter to my best friend.

I’m not a big fan of fate and destiny but, something tells me that this letter would reach your hands no matter what. If they call this thing as destiny so be it. How are you? Where have you been all these days? There hasn’t been one passing day without me thinking of you. I hope you too have a place for me somewhere in a little corner of your heart. It took a little long but, nevertheless I’ve found you. The world is a small place after all.

We are having a college reunion next week and NO EXCUSES, you are coming. Pack your bags immediately, board a train and be there. We shall talk about the rest in person. Do call me me when you reach the station. This is my number +91-XXXXXX5843. I’ll be eagerly waiting for your phone call. 


Since morning I’ve been waiting for his phone call. He hasn’t called up yet.  My hope of seeing him is diminishing with every hour that passing by. Thoughts keep creeping up my mind. Did my letter reach him? What if the address was wrong? Was my mobile on silent mode? May be he is on the way and its just a matter of time. I couldn’t help but check my mobile a little too often just to see that if I had received a text or a call from him.

Just then I received a call. I was so freaking excited. I picked it on the first ring.

“Hello… Karthik, is that you?”

To be continued…