by Allwin Bright

Dear Allwin,

I know that it seems ludicrous to be writing this letter to you but, what do I do? I have no one else to pour out my heart to.  I am going insane. Every morning I wake up with a hope at least today would be a good day but, it doesn’t turn out that way. There is no happiness and no peace whatsoever. Every now and then my hatred gets the better of me. There is always a reckless feeling inside me . People ask me to forget my past and move on. If it only was as simple as that. My past continues to haunt me. Every time I see myself in the mirror I feel like shattering it into a million pieces. It triggers those painful memories. I am unable repress it. The pain from inside is killing me.

Wretched was my world and so was my life. She came into my life and changed everything upside down. I had a reason to smile, a reason to feel happy about. Strangely so she is the reason why I am feeling utterly miserable today.

Why did she come into my life in the first place?

Why did she forsake me when I needed her the most?

Why were the happy moments between us short-lived?

Why did I let her go when she was my everything?

Why do I keep waiting for her in spite of knowing that she’ll never come back?

Why?…. Why?…. Why?…

These questions keep tormenting me day  in and day out. I seek your help. If there is someone who can help me out its only you. Please get me out of this mess.

Allwin Bright