by Allwin Bright

Dear Readers and fellow bloggers,

You can call me desperate for writing this post…

Its been almost three months since I have posted anything here.

Its true that work had kept me busy for a few days. Errr… Only for a couple of weeks actually. Other than those days I’ve always had a lot of time on my hands but I’ve just been staring blankly at the computer screen or trying to find ways to kill time mercilessly. At times I did write but they were all crappy or incomplete blogposts and even now as I write I have no idea of  what this one turns out to be.

I was resorted to reading random blogs by random people all these days hoping that I might find the very much needed inspiration to write. I was struck with awe reading some of them but, abstained myself from commenting on them. The reason was I did not have substantial number of posts in my blog. Nine months of blogging in wordpress and I am still struggling to reach my 10th post. What if they stumble upon my blog mine and find nothing worthy enough to read?  Getting back to the point I did find a lot of them inspiring but, the problem was thoughts actually got into my head on the spur of the moment and vanished the very next moment.

It did not take a long time for me to realize that I am definitely not one of those gifted writers whose thoughts  flow into words with ease when they start writing. I really have a hard time while I write. It takes ages for me write a few hundred words because more often than not I need Google to help me out with my vocabulary and to frame sentences. Writing gives me a some kind of a tremendous sense of joy and achievement so I do not want to give up on it either.

Despite being a pathetic blogger I still want to continue with it because I get to read some of your wonderful blogs and thats the sole reason for my existence here. I’ll keep reading your blogs and learn a thing or two about writing. Somewhere down the line I’ll be a better blogger than what I am today. Till then please bear with me.

P.S. At last I’ve ended a long blogging hibernation. Big sigh of relief indeed!