by Allwin Bright

A Father’s day special…

Dear Dad,

You are not the best friend I’ve ever had,  I have never shared any of my  secrets with you, I’m not that excited when you are back home for Christmas, Diwali or Pongal, Till date never even once I have wished you a Happy Birthday.  Forget wishing you, I do not even know when you Birthday is. Unlike others we do not have an intimate Father-Son relationship but, when I rewind back and look at my life I see a very very special person in you.

All through the childhood I hated you for not letting me play cricket, waking me up early in morning to study, conducting oral and written tests at home failing which I had to write impositions. You were always the one who spoiled those wonderful  day dreams of mine during the early morning study hours with your snap.  There was so much of hatred for you that I always thought you were the villain of my life. To get away with your oral tests and written tests at home I often cheated you by copying.  I was so immature as a kid.

Dad, It was you who taught me to ride a bike. I still cherish those memories. I fell down on the ground and incurred a bruise when I first attempted to ride a bike. I was frustrated so soon that I kicked the bike in anger and I ran back to home. But, you convinced me to learn it without getting  injured. You ran all the way uphill and downhill following me to ensure that I do not get injured again.

Slowly I moved to secondary school and then to Higher secondary school and gradually you let me be on my own.  I vividly remember the X and XII board examinations. Everyday you would wake me up at 4:00 a.m. and prepare coffee or tea for me so that I could study feeling fresh every morning. Then came the college days where I had to stay in hostel. It all started here. I cheated you . I started lying about the semester fees, mess fess etc. Enjoying my college life came first studies was next. I had all the fun and partying in the world. Friends, They meant a lot to me. More than you and mom.

The end result was I lost focus on studies and I could not complete my under-graduation in 3 years. End of the third year, I still had 5 backlogs that had to be cleared.   I stayed idle at home for almost an year when my other friends were working in multi-national companies or  pursuing their higher studies. Both you and mom had a torrid time facing relatives and guests at home when they bombarded you with questions about my future. For no fault of yours you had hang your heads down in shame.  As a father you did rebuke me on several occasions  to let out your anger. But, never once did you put me down in front of others. There were so many of them who thought that I was worthless and I couldn’t  get anywhere in life but you still hadn’t given up on me.

I did not want to let you down this time for trusting me big.  It was for only for you I took my backlogs very seriously and cleared it one after the other. After completing the graduation came the next big hurdle, quest for a job. I was rejected in more than 25 interviews. But, I had already seen enough humiliation and failures than this to stay strong and to keep moving forward. After all I was your son Dad. At last in the 28th interview I was selected. I now have a job in my hands. The company doesn’t pay me huge salaries like the MNCs do but its good enough to sustain.  “My son works as  a Test Engineer in Delcodoft software solutions” I see happiness and pride in your eyes as you say this to others. For me that is priceless. I may not have been the best son in this world but, you have been the world’s best Dad.

Love you Dad….