by Allwin Bright

Languishing away in a prison called life,

Filled with pain, torment and grief.

Woeful days never seemed to end,

Being alive was something that I had to pretend.


Amidst all this… Why did I see you?

Adorable, innocent and so true.

So generous of you to offer me a warm embrace,

When all that I needed was some solace.


Your mere presence was a lot for me to rejoice,

Wounds deep were healed by your pacifying voice.

To your unconditional love I was madly addicted,

You were the reason I was resurrected.


Too little did I know to anticipate,

Of a cruel twist scripted by fate.

You had your reasons to shut me down,

Hit by a violent storm I was blown.


Trapped in my emptiness all alone,

Messed up is my life again with you gone.

Yet I am still alive and breathing,

The very thought your smile keeps me going.