by Allwin Bright

Drowning in a sea of sorrow,

Finding a foe in my own shadow.

I walk all alone in a melancholy street,

With the soul in me feeling completely deplete.

The treacherous path I take seems to delude,

Am I completely lost in the darkness of solitude?


Haunted by the abhorrent memories of the past,

I keep staring at the moonless night aghast.

Buried deep down in a shallow grave,

Are the short-lived happy moments.

Hoping against hope that I could soon pay my penance,

And re-live that part of my life for which I crave.


With an extremely sharp knife rip my chest apart,

You’ll find the emptiness in my heart.

Look at my sleep deprived and wet eyes,

And ask me the reason why?

On your shoulders like a small kid I would cry,

Will you be there to empathize?