by Allwin Bright

Yet another utterly humiliating failure

What went wrong, Do I even have an answer?

A mere consolation that it was only meant to make me stronger

And a plethora of unanswered questions to ponder


People once thought that I was gifted and a genius in the making

Now they say that it was all serendipity and lady luck smiling

All of a sudden the world around me seems so strange.

I keep wondering – How soon do people change?


There are hundreds to offer you a piece of advice

A thousand more are always there to harshly criticize

There’s not a soul with whom you could share your misery

Not a shoulder willing to accept the burden you carry


Broken promises and betrayal is all that I find

Sources of inspiration have left me so far behind

All alone in the darkness each night I cry

Till all the tears in my eyes go dry


It’s sad that such failures are hard to digest

And success has never been an easy conquest

Nemesis to any person has never ever been benign

But a glimmer of hope whispers “Someday everything will be fine.”


Through the roads of wretchedness great journeys were made

With a lot of struggle and perseverance greater milestones were conquered

A strong belief within continues to stay resilient

After all what’s the fun in so easily being triumphant


It’s not too easy that I will cease to exist

Sorry Mr. Fate… Try much harder if you still persist!